The mother of a 17 year old boy came to therapy with anxiety concerns.
The hallmark of Tripti’s personality is her warmth and knack for detailing. She is expert in breaking ice in few meetings. She would always study, refer and makes new note for each meeting. Her constant monitoring and progress with data is well acknowledged. She likes to address root of the issue and involves all stake holders including parents, sister/ brother or any important character responsible for issue. Her constant feedback and do’s and don’t s is well appreciated. She is a great motivator and influencer. I am proud  to be associated with her. Thanks.
Pallavi SeiboldMother of a 14 Year Old with Mood Concerns
It was a pleasure Knowing Tripti. I visited her with concerns to my 14-year-old daughter, who was full of tantrums, low on motivation and often irritated. As a result, I was often stressed. We visited her twice a week and she was always available on mobile in case the situation flared up. She offered us Private and confidential, appointments to ensure that we received her full and undivided attention in a comfortable environment. She gave me not only practical strategies and solutions to employ at home with my daughter and in connecting with her but also in dealing with my own hidden issues. She was a great resource in setting boundaries, applying logical consequences, clarifying roles, and setting expectations.She often acted as a liaison between us. Tripti has a very good understanding of adolescents in areas like behavior as well as dealing with emotional and social difficulties. As a result, now, we are a better mother-daughter duo and spend more time together. I have moved from India to Germany but I have a blind faith that she is only a call away. I can recommend her to anyone who is having troubles with their adolocents without a second thought. She is someone who will hear, understand and help you find your way  and someone who can help your Children develop into better human beings.

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